Monica Bennett
Felt Artist

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Very eager to see more of your work, dear Monica! Are you on display at Ptarmigan this coming month at all?
Jen Conkie - 14 Jan 2021
I am blown away by your work. It is so beautiful and made with such care. I’m sure the animals that the fibers came from would’ve proud to have their wool represented by such wonderful structures! Congratulations!!! Can’t wait to see more
Susan Gately - 5 Aug 2018
Your work is fantastic ! Your work is going in the direction I want my work to go. I hope I can get there someday. So comforting to know that there is someone else out there who wants to sculpt with felt in natural colors.
Joan Kloiber - 23 Sep 2016
Congratulations on your inclusion in "Worldwide Colours of Felt" - well-deserved recognition of your beautiful work!
Diane MacDonald - 30 May 2016
Monica, Just bought your exquisite, serene Blades vase at Crafthouse in Vancouver and am thrilled. Raquel
Raquel - 27 Mar 2016
Boundless creativity and fabulous description of the process - very impressive! Please post where and when any of your showings will be- love to see your work in person.
Kristi Wells - 24 Jul 2014
Very attractive pieces, as well as an extremely wide variety. Thank you! I'll be back to this site!! J.
Judi - 20 Oct 2013
Love your Art!! I was just eating my soup and thought I'd google my name! That's how I found you!! Glad I did!!
Monica Bennett Firchow - 16 Jan 2013
Dear Monica, I think your creations reflect your talent and your warmth. Your use of vibrant colours is mesmerizing. What a treat!
Catherine Siegler - 2 Dec 2012
simply loveeeeelyyy dahling
daddumms - 4 Nov 2012
I am really enjoying seeing your work online. It looks wonderful!
Diane MacDonald - 4 Nov 2012
Monica, your work is absolutely beautiful. So imaginative and vibrant. :)
Eha Onno - 2 Nov 2012
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