Monica Bennett
Felt Artist

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Your work is fantastic ! Your work is going in the direction I want my work to go. I hope I can get there someday. So comforting to know that there is someone else out there who wants to sculpt with felt in natural colors.
Joan Kloiber - 23 Sep 2016
Congratulations on your inclusion in "Worldwide Colours of Felt" - well-deserved recognition of your beautiful work!
Diane MacDonald - 30 May 2016
Monica, Just bought your exquisite, serene Blades vase at Crafthouse in Vancouver and am thrilled. Raquel
Raquel - 27 Mar 2016
Boundless creativity and fabulous description of the process - very impressive! Please post where and when any of your showings will be- love to see your work in person.
Kristi Wells - 24 Jul 2014
Very attractive pieces, as well as an extremely wide variety. Thank you! I'll be back to this site!! J.
Judi - 20 Oct 2013
Love your Art!! I was just eating my soup and thought I'd google my name! That's how I found you!! Glad I did!!
Monica Bennett Firchow - 16 Jan 2013
Dear Monica, I think your creations reflect your talent and your warmth. Your use of vibrant colours is mesmerizing. What a treat!
Catherine Siegler - 2 Dec 2012
simply loveeeeelyyy dahling
daddumms - 4 Nov 2012
I am really enjoying seeing your work online. It looks wonderful!
Diane MacDonald - 4 Nov 2012
Monica, your work is absolutely beautiful. So imaginative and vibrant. :)
Eha Onno - 2 Nov 2012
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